Tools and services every web programmer should know

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I will write about the tools and services I consider a must-have for every web programmer. They’ll be ordered by the most important to the less one:

  1. Firebug. Let’s be honest: without Firebug we are nothing. It’s the Firefox extension to view the AJAX calls and responses, to edit the entire HTML page to see the changes directly, etc.
  2. Subversion: A Software Source Control is a must. You need it, even if you think you don’t need it, you really need it. I recommend Assembla for non open source projects and Google Code and SourceForge to open source.
  3. PhpMyAdmin: To connect the MySQL databases and get a fast lookup between the tables is a really needed tool. If we depend the MySQL console we’ll be dead very probably.
  4. FileZilla: The FTP client everybody use to upload his files to the server.
  5. Statcounter: I know Google Analytics is very beautiful and very good, but if you want your stats instantaneously, you need it.
  6. Mantis Bug Tracker: You need a system where store every bug you find in your application and Mantis Bug Tracker is the easiest way to do it. It’s made with PHP+MySQL, so you don’t need an exotic hosting to get it running.
  7. IconFinder. An incredible icon finder where you can find whatever you want. Be careful with the license of them, because you can have problems.
  8. ColorMania: It’s a simple color picker. There are thousands of them, but I use it. You need a program where capture the color of everything on your screen, where convert between RGB and Hex, etc.
  9. Tada-list: I think a to-do list is always very recommendable. It’s useful to set goals or tasks.

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