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In Trackingo you can track a wide variety of things to improve yourself. The whole list is not closed and we can add whatever we want. If you think something is missing, tell us writing a comment in this post, please. We’ll read your request and very probably we add this tracking category.

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4 comments for “Available tracking categories”

  1. Warp dice:

    Well, it seemed interesting enoguh until you try to enter a blood glucose value and ¡you cannot enter values under 100 or over 200!

    Easy to say, who made that doesn’t know anything about diabetes. And, if he doesn’t know nothing, why is he doing something about blood glucose? Or it may happen that it’s designed only for healthy people. Then, why healthy people need to know their blood glucose levels?

    It seems a useless web that, on other side, can be very dangerous. Insurance companies, pharmaceutics and other people would be very pleased to receive this kind of data…


    Pues parecía chulo hasta que vas a entrar un nivel de glucosa en sangre y ¡no puedes entrar valores menores de 100 ni mayores de 200!

    Evidentemente, quien lo hiciera no sabe nada de diabetes. Y si no sabía nada ¿para qué pone algo al respecto de la glucosa en sangre? ¿O es que sólo está pensado para gente saludable? En tal caso ¿qué gente saludable necesita medir sus niveles de glucosa?

    Vamos, una chorrada de web que además se me antoja peligrosa. Los datos médicos de las personas son muy suculentos para las aseguradoras, farmacéuticas, etc.

  2. paco dice:

    Thank you for your suggestions. If you find useful a category you can use it, or even suggest us new interesting categories. We are still working on the constructive suggestion from our users.

  3. esekoi dice:

    what you are missing is studding hours, so people would be able to know how much effort are they really spendding r the studies

  4. alex dice:

    esekoi, I think you’ve the reason and that’s why I just finished adding this category: “Study hours”.

    You can start entering data here:

    Very thanks for your recommendations. I hope Trackingo is useful your you!