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Advantages of Self Tracking

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There is an interesting article in nationalpost about the advantages of tracking your own data.

In the article you will find examples of people who are gaining excellent feedback of ways to improve their lives just tacking rigorously control of important data for their lifes, data you can use to answer to the questions you need to know. That is the reason why we created Trackingo, because people need to track their daily activities in a easy way.

We recommend you to read the article if you are still unsure of how useful tracking your life can be.

A quote from the article:

“Sharing the information might be like a form of speech, it allows for feedback,” said Mr. Roberts, an experimental psychologist who is a member of the Quantified Self Advisory Board. He began self-tracking as a pimply graduate student: “My doctor gave me two medications: a pill and a cream. I varied my usage and counted the pimples on my face every morning.”

For Mr. Roberts, his first Quantified Self Show & Tell was an “aha” moment. “I was like ‘Oh my god, other people are doing this, too,’” he said in an interview from Beijing, where he is a psychology professor at Tsinghua University.

The cream won.


Trackingo is online!

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We have recently started to promote Trackingo and we are really proud of the answer from other websites and from the new users. We have been working really hard during the last months to get the application working.

Bad news is you have to work even harder when the application is alive and everybody from everywhere with every type of configuration is using it. But we find it challenging solving problems whilst they are appearing.

On the Internet applications you can wait for years until everything is working properly, but then you go to the masses and your product is late or maybe no one is interested in it. That is why some lazy guru decided to mint the term beta: you can go to the public without every detail absolutely perfect.

We really appreciate your feedback about what you find wrong or what you would like to change or what categories you miss. Unlike other places we usually do all the reasonable changes in a couple of days, because we understand if something is wrong for someone, and wrong enough for him to tell us, it may be a problem for a thousand other users who did not say anything yet.

While we were coping with all the new users we were able to finish the translation into German. Willkommen bei Trackingo! Three languages is enough work for us, but if you would like to have Trackingo on your own language and you are motivated to do it for yourself, you can contact us and we will give you the steps to do the translation cheerfully.

So welcome everybody. We hope you find the application useful. When you save your first track it seems quite dumb but after you track a few more items you start to see and feel the utility of tracking your daily stuff. Not only you know how much you weight, you can also see the patterns of your weight evolution and control where you are going. You are not only having a plain list of data, Trackingo is going to do the maths behind your information, always trying to tell you more.