About us

Trackingo is a tracking system who tries to be universal to anyone and any thing. We provide stats, graphs and calendars in order to give more information than our users had at first.

Our team consists initially only of two people. We’re both programmers, but personally me, I am designer also.

That’s our contribution to Trackingo:

Alex (trackingo profile) :

Me, I’m a young programmer and designer. I’ve done all the layout, trying always to meet standards of usability and of the W3C.

My role:

  • PHP programming.
  • MySQL database design and manteinance.
  • Javascript with jQuery library.
  • HTML who complies the standards.

Aaron (trackingo profile):

His main apportation to trackingo is the technical section about graphs and the data handling. All math with PHP who gives the interesting information to the users and the handle of the mathematical functions to provide the predictive in the future for example.

Also he’s responsible of a lot of development of the interface and the internal design of the application.

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