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Available tracking categories

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In Trackingo you can track a wide variety of things to improve yourself. The whole list is not closed and we can add whatever we want. If you think something is missing, tell us writing a comment in this post, please. We’ll read your request and very probably we add this tracking category.


10 Steps to build a fairly ambitious website

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  1. Be clear with the idea. First of all, you need to have an idea and this idea must be very clear. Speak with your partners until is clear.
  2. Build the high level classes for the application. The connection with databases must be built before write any other line of code.
  3. Implement the user registration and the login later. That step can be obvious if your website doesn’t require login, but else you’ll need to have it as early as possible.
  4. Write the main code of your application. Forget about details and about design unless you have dedicated layout designers or something like that.
  5. Give the website an acceptable appearance. Start thinking about how the web will look.
  6. Think about what things might need the application if it grows more than expected. Scalability and code’s expansion possibilities. Also, get in mind the possible features your users will ask for you.
  7. Give some persons the application to hear opinions, and to test the usability of the website.
  8. Write the code to generate RSS feeds and to build the Sitemap.
  9. Start linking the web from other sites you own. Add the URL to Google. Start thinking about SEO seriously.
  10. Put a link to the site everywhere you can. Comment in blogs, register in forums and post links, answer questions on Yahoo! Answers and put a link, etc. etc.

If you follow all the steps you have the possibility to start a website with ambitious, but, remember, the most important thing here is your knowledge: more knowledge in web programming and more possibilities of success.